Dealing with family and friends

Many people are afraid to travel long-term because of family and friends. Often they are afraid of missing or letting down their family and friends, or both!

It’s very natural to miss your family and friends when you’re away from them for a long time. Our family and friends are our loved ones and the idea of being far away from them for a long time is quite intimidating. “What’s going to happen when I’m gone? What if I miss out on important events? What if they forget about me? What if they’ll be disappointed in me? What if something happens and I can’t be reached? …..

I had the same fears when I went to India for 3 months, in 2018. I didn’t show anyone, but I was quite nervous. Then I convinced myself that, if something would happen back home and I needed to be there, I’d be able to reach within a few days. My family is there, my friends are there and because of the internet we can be close even while being far. So what was I worrying about?

Then when I came back, nothing changed back home. My family and friends were still the same, nothing significant had changed in the country I lived in and all the fears appeared to exist in my head only. So never limit your travel aspirations and dreams because of these kind of reasons. There are plenty wonderful people out there in this world. So many amazing experiences are waiting for you out there somewhere; you’ll be absolutely fine, and so will your family & friends!

It’s not that your family and friends aren’t important. No, they are and will remain your dear ones and you’ll be there whenever you need to! It’s just that you also have the right to follow your heart and make your dreams come true. In the beginning they may appear to be against your aspirations. You know your family and friends are always going to think what’s best for you, but that’s according to them. They don’t dream your dreams. They don’t feel your feelings. They can’t always understand your desires.

Not everyone will agree with your plans and decisions. Many of them will likely talk about risks and all kinds of “what if” scenarios. Actually they will be projecting their own fears onto you. But at the end of the day, when they see your pictures and hear your stories about your amazing and happy experiences, deep inside they will be happy for you. You’re their loved one; when you’re happy, they’ll be happy as well. Besides, it’s your life, so follow your heart and live life at your own terms.

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