Why you should travel solo

Solo travel means independent travel! No closed-ended trips, no guides, no compromising… you’re free to go wherever and whenever you want! Solo travel is the greatest way of travel, especially when you want to be independent.

Your journey is flexible, costs are low, it’s easier to find a place to stay, it’s lightweight in stuff (just you and your backpack), it’s ultimate freedom and you’ll meet lots more people than when you’re travelling with other people. When you travel solo it’s easier to connect with other people; often it feels like speed-dating but with friends. You will meet so many different people every day and it’s totally your choice whether you’d like to hang out with someone and if so, how long, when and where.

I also feel travelling solo is very good for your personal growth. It’s the ultimate test of how resourceful you are and how easy it is for you to adapt new cultures and environments. Everything that happens during your travels will force you to make decisions (and it will be all by yourself) & setting bounderies (and move them as well) and every time you do, you’ll establish a new, better, stronger version of yourself. Solo travel is the ultimate way of independent travel, with the greatest opportunities of meeting people, having wonderful and rare experiences.

Especially if you’re from a well-established country or area it’s likely that the media will tell lots of dark side stories about the places you’ll visit. As if India’s the country of rape & castes, Pakistan is the country of terrorists, Afghanistan is a war area, Middle East countries are women unfriendly and Africa is very poor and unhygienic. Of course there’s some truth in it and these kinds of things happen; we should be aware. But let’s not exaggerate things. The worst things that often happen to travellers is being robbed or ripped off by sales persons or beggars. It’s not that it’s likely to get kidnapped by terrorists or attacked by wild animals or something like that.

However travelling to foreign countries sounds scary, it’s best to just let go of expectations and embrace whatever you get, even if they are fears. Like all new things, things will be tough and uneasy in the beginning. But once you get the habit, you’ll want nothing else. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the journey.

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