7 months in India as a spiritual nomad (part 2)

At the end of June I was able to go to another place where it was more safe and I could cook my own food. It was the backpacker’s hostel where I had stayed before, when I had just come to Pune. I met some very nice people and had a great time there, but after a few weeks I realised some people were just trying to gain my trust and use me. They were all guys and I was the only woman staying there. Two of them thought: “Oh, she’s from abroad, so she would be in for sex easily” and almost all had ‘payment issues’.

Some didn’t have UPI, some didn’t have a debit card, some didn’t have cash, some didn’t have a proper banking app… I ended up playing a sort of ‘money transfer service’ for them, as I thought they were friends and I was happy to help. But after a few weeks some of them started to act like they were having some problems and they needed money urgently, “no other person was willing to help them” etc. One person I really trusted and considered as a close friend even did some very good acting that he needed to go to the hospital (with cold hands, cold forehead, screaming in pain and everything; excellent real-life acting).

I realised their intentions just on time (thank God for that!) and they weren’t successful in getting any money from me, but I really broke down emotionally and my trust in people got scattered. One guy is still trying to harass me by calling me from different numbers and trying to manipulate me so that I would trust him again. I told him off so much and keep blocking him, but he isn’t giving up.. That’s when I posted my queries in BBTI for a safe place and one gentle person offered me a stay at a very safe & private place far from Pune with all the basic facilities I need. I’m so grateful!

Now I’m in self-isolation, trying to process all that happened and also I keep myself busy with my online work. I only go outside to get groceries and in the meanwhile I’m giving myself a proper detox treatment, as the ayurvedic places are not responding whenever I try to contact them. I don’t have a lot of work in these crazy times, but at least it’s enough to keep myself busy. I try to just work out my options and find ways to work on my personal development without going outside too much. I have to admit it’s not easy, as I’ve been mostly indoors since 14 March and I’m afraid it has started to affect my mental health.

At the same time I feel I have to remain cautious all the time, to not repeat the same mistake of trusting wrong people or ending up in wrong places. I guess the universe is teaching me a lot of big lessons about people, mentalities, intentions and all those stuff. Apparently the much needed experiences I had to get to learn the best life lessons and grow as a person. Fortunately, I also got a lot of support through members of this Facebook group and that helps me a lot in my process 🙂 Especially at this new place, I feel like I’m finally able to take some time off from people, have proper me-time, breathe again and take proper rest.

I made this meme to summarise my journey till now 🤪

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