I’m Annastasia, an online entrepreneur and communications professional. My focus is online communication, in which tone of voice, storytelling, branding and social media play a prominent role. I am also active as a ghostwriter and often work incognito, for example as a mystery guest.

My strength is to set up and develop (online) communication. I also help young freelancers and entrepreneurs to set up their own (online) businesses. Personal attention, results and effectivity are my priorities in my business activities.


I am available for all types of communication activities. Companies and entrepreneurs mainly hire me because I can be deployed in almost all communication areas. My motto is: “I’m doing it right or I’m not doing it.”


I like concepts with which entrepreneurs make an impact. I also think it is important that entrepreneurs stay true to themselves, use their passion and work vitally. With intensive sessions I help entrepreneurs find a suitable concept.


I work out concepts into concrete tools that entrepreneurs can use to invigorate their internal, external, corporate and concern communications. Whether it’s a detailed tone of voice, content strategy, a strong story, a clear branding or catchy texts.


I go beyond writing plans and advices; I also execute them and provide means. For example a website, social media profiles and written content. I provide the right combination of strategy, media and content, with a focus on the communication goal and target group.


Complaints on the internet, creating GDPR proof communication, converting difficult texts into generally readable texts, writing articles or just need a helping hand? No worries. I arrange it so that entrepreneurs can focus on their business.

How it started…

In fifth grade I built my first website, I went to study at the age of 16 and 4 years later I became an official entrepreneur. Soon I became successful in my career and I ended up in a high-speed train of life. I worked up to 80 hours a week and was almost unstoppable. Communication was my greatest passion and I could work on it day and night.

In 2016 my interest was piqued for a challenging job in paid employment, which I seized with both hands. The routine, stability and 40-hour working week created room for other things in my life and I soon discovered that I also have other passions. Like: I have always wanted to go to India, since childhood. I decided to make that dream come true. In 2017 I made my first backpacking trip to India and I got caught right away by this fantastic lifestyle.

In 2018 those memories came flooding back and I decided to radically pull the emergency brake. I cancelled my permanent job contract, packed my backpack and left for the Indian Himalayas for 3 months. During my travels and hikes I realized how much more the world has to offer other than material (work) life. I would like to taste more of it, without giving up my passion for communication and losing my connection with the Netherlands. That is why I have decided to live as a digital nomad in the coming few years.

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