Hi! My name is Ranjita and I am a communication professional and online entrepreneur. My main activities are all about optimising customer experiences through online communication. I am also active as a ghostwriter and often work incognito, for example as a mystery guest.

My strength is to set up and develop (online) communication media, tools and strategies. I also help young freelancers and entrepreneurs to set up their own (online) businesses. Personal attention, efficiency and effectivity are my priorities in my business activities.


I am available for all types of communication activities. Companies and entrepreneurs mainly hire me because I can be deployed in almost all communication areas. My motto is: “I’m doing it right or I’m not doing it at all.”


I like concepts with which entrepreneurs make an impact. I also think it is important that entrepreneurs stay true to themselves, use their passion and work vitally. With intensive sessions I help entrepreneurs find a suitable concept.


I work out concepts into concrete tools that entrepreneurs can use to invigorate their internal, external, corporate and concern communications. Whether it’s a detailed tone of voice, content strategy, a strong story, a clear branding or catchy texts.


I go beyond writing plans and advices; I also execute them and provide means. For example a website, social media profiles and written content. I provide the right combination of strategy, media and content, with a focus on the communication goal and target group.


Complaints on the internet, creating GDPR proof communication, converting difficult texts into generally readable texts, writing articles or just need a helping hand? No worries. I arrange it so that entrepreneurs can focus on their business.


I mainly work behind the scenes and create concepts on behalf of my clients. So I can only share a small selection of my work.

Logo & website HindoeDharma.nl


Logo & website She will rise again


Logo & website Floréo


Website Sapna Foundation


Website Hotspot Brandweerkazerne


Website Thaysa


Event management Desi Milan

charity event with 1000 guests to raise awareness and funds for School4Kids India

Event management for several gatherings

mainly for local authorities and public transport organizations in the Netherlands

About me

I am a 5th-generation Indian born and brought up in the Netherlands. Since childhood I had been dreaming about living in India, so on 4 February 2020 I took the leap. Right now I am staying here as a digital nomad in the midst of local people.

I received my Bachelor of Communication (B Comn), with a specialisation in Business Communication, from the Hogeschool Utrecht in 2012. In the same year I had completed my minor in Applied Psychology from the Hogeschool Leiden. But my career journey had started way back, as in primary school my teacher thought I was gifted and made me join extra curricular activities to work on my digital and writing skills.

That is how at 7 I created my first website and started writing. At 14 I became more serious about it and at 16 I had my first official assignment as an interviewer. Since then I started working on small projects as a communications assistant. In 2012 I became a self-employed communication professional and now I have worked for several government, non-government and (semi-)commercial organisations.

My main activities cover online communication, that includes branding, storytelling, (ghost)writing, CMS webdesign, social media, webcare and content management. I also love to go incognito as a mystery guest to do some undercover research for my clients. Further, I have organised several events for my clients. My biggest event was Desi Milan, a charity event with 1000 guests to raise awareness and funds for School4Kids India.

In my free time I like to practise yoga, meditation, work on my fitness, travel and go on hikes, treks or adventure challenges. I have a bucketlist and try to check off some items every month. Furthermore, I like to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone, face my fears and explore life.

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